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Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG)

El Paso Pipeline Partners owns an 86 percent interest in Colorado Interstate Gas, which consists of approximately 4,300 miles of pipeline with a design capacity of approximately 4,592 million cubic feet per day. CIG is comprised of pipelines that deliver natural gas from production areas in the U.S. Rocky Mountains and the Anadarko Basin directly to customers in Colorado and Wyoming and indirectly to the midwest, southwest, California and Pacific northwest. CIG also owns interests in five storage facilities located in Colorado and Kansas, which collectively have approximately 35 billion cubic feet of underground working natural gas storage capacity and one natural gas processing plant located in Wyoming. CIG owns a 50 percent ownership interest in WYCO Development LLC, or WYCO, a joint venture with an affiliate of Public Service Company of Colorado, and operates WYCO’s High Plains pipeline and Totem Gas Storage facility.

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